Dining overlooking the Pier Marina

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Port Douglas MarinaAlong with offering the best 1 and 2 bedroom holiday apartments in Cairns, Getaway on Grafton guests can also enjoy the many amazing restaurants overlooking the Pier Marina. One of the most popular seafood restaurants is Pesci’s, a popular choice among locals and tourists alike.

Pesci’s Seafood Restaurant Cairns

Pesci’s Seafood Restaurant is just a five minute walk from the pier. Recognised as one of the most attractive waterfront restaurants in Cairn, Pesci’s Seafood Restaurant allows guests to dine while they enjoy the attractive Pier Marina. Diners are treated in the morning to the view of the many fishing boats coming back to shore with their catch of the day. In the evening, diners will enjoy the subtle moonlight being reflected by the pier’s water.

Notable Pesci’s Seafood Restaurant dishes

Pesci’s offers a fresh and delectable selection of seafood dishes made from ingredients caught right off from the sea at their back door. Here are some of their dishes to try out:

  • Oysters Watermelon – Pesci’s oysters topped with watermelon juice and prosecco wine. The sweetness from the watermelon combined with the aromatic prosecco wine creates a unique blend of toppings on the oysters.
  • Paella – A traditional Spanish dish made from Spanish risotto and topped with chicken, chorizo and some of the freshest seafood ingredients including fish, prawn, calamari and scallops. The dish is garnished with black mussels and Moreton bay bugs.
  • Steak and ale pie – A savoury meat pie filled with beef simmered in a rich ale sauce and topped with homemade mashed potato. The ale sauce makes the beef incredibly chewy while the mash potatoes and the crust make the whole dish hearty.
  • Sticky date pudding – Take a scoop of smooth and creamy vanilla ice cream and pour some rich butterscotch sauce over it to make sticky date pudding. This sweet dessert will make any diners with a sweet tooth come back for more.

If you are looking for the perfect Cairns accommodation near Pesci’s Seafood Restaurant, Getaway on Grafton offers their comfortable holiday units to make your stay enjoyable.

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